The radiOasis LongPlay • Slinkin’ toward Saturday

Don’t wait until 5 o’clock to unwind—here is my radiOasis* LongPlay music mix for Friday, including Remy Shand, Lenny Kravitz, Sly & The Family Stone, Quantic and others.

There are two versions—take your pick!

  1. one at Spotify** (including their app),

  2. the other on MixCloud featuring some extras and streaming commercial-free.

* radiOasis  = music playlists and remixes exploring the art of the segue, thematic connections, the overlapping & extended groove, the implied & the overt, expressions of musical flow, and the rhythm, interplay and juxtaposition of aural colors, radiOasis is for the love of sound.

** p.s. You can get a nice crossfade via the Spotify menu by selecting “Preferences > Crossfade” and setting it to about 2 seconds or more. Also opt to “set same level for all tracks.”


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