Month: November 2012

making connections: grippin’ the groove

In 1965, The Miracles cut loose with “Goin’ To A Go’Go” in the Motor City (love that bass line cookin’ under Smokey Robinson’s supple lead)… Play

and the following year Lee Dorsey reinvented the groove, New Orleans style, on “Working In The Coal Mine”…


making connections: the power of place and time

PlayListen: from a core vibe, curious departures…

one carefree with expectant renewal;

the other laced with hope and yet inescapable desperation.

In 1968, Johnny Rivers recorded “Summer Rain” in L.A…

the following year, Sixto Diaz Rodriguez recorded “Sugar Man” in Detroit.

you ain’t seen NUTHIN’ ’til you’ve seen James Brown on the TAMI Show

Killer. Thriller. No filler. Play


Sounds in my head, again

PlayCan’t help but to be joyous with these; quite a pairing, I know, yet as robust as the spirit encountering a new day 🙂

My Heart, My Life by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook

Sally MacLennane by The Pogues