Coda: Travels With Jack Flanders

If you’ve ever listened to the adventuring character Jack Flanders from the exceptional audio dramas produced by Tom Lopez and the ZBS Foundation then you are well-acquainted with the voice acting of Robert Lorick. Sadly, I just found out that Lorick died in January; although information is scarce, I estimate he was 75. Only a passing mention appeared here on NPR’s All Things Considered.

I discovered the masterful storytelling of Lopez and Lorick ages ago, when I was studying sound engineering and production at Berklee. I was enamored with the vivid storytelling and binaural sound quality of “Travels With Jack”Moon Over Morocco, Dreams of Rio/the Amazon/India/Bali/Sumatra—among many others: these “movies for the mind” left quite an indelible impression and I heartily encourage you to seek them out. You can hear samples and get downloads here.

Lorick was also a Broadway lyricist (“The Tap Dance Kid” with Gregory Hines) and he was a commercial voice artist; among his prominent clients was Chanel No. 5, for which he provided the tag lines on this recognizable “Blue Sky” TV spot, directed by Ridley Scott in 1979.

Read more about Robert Lorick here; and hear more here.

p.s. Lopez and ZBS have secured podcast distribution for their “Ruby” series via the new Wondery network, and they’re said to be planning a new streaming site to make it easier to travel with Jack Flanders. As they say, “stay tuned!”


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