The radiOasis LongPlay • Welcome to Monday!

Jump start the week with this radiOasis* LongPlay music mix, including Tinariwen, Los Lobos, Paul Thorn and others.

There are two versions—take your pick!

  1. one at Spotify** (including their app),

  2. the other on MixCloud featuring some extras and streaming commercial-free.

* radiOasis  = music playlists and remixes exploring the art of the segue, thematic connections, the overlapping & extended groove, the implied & the overt, expressions of musical flow, and the rhythm, interplay and juxtaposition of aural colors, radiOasis is for the love of sound.

** p.s. You can get a nice crossfade via the Spotify menu by selecting “Preferences > Crossfade” and setting it to about 2 seconds or more. Also opt to “set same level for all tracks.”


Frampton: Alive—and in the pocket

You may not have heard Peter Frampton in a long while yet you genuinely may want to settle in with this for a bit. Or longer. His voice has some whisky in it and his songs ring out undiminished and as strong as when he wrote them.

These videos of his newly-recorded, now classic songs ostensibly promote guitar pickups, with Gordon Kennedy’s deft sensitivity as an accompanist. The clarity and warmth of these instruments with Peter’s voice is quite outstanding. Of the three tunes here, “Baby I Love Your Way” stands tall yet “Lines On My Face” has such character for him now that it’s appropriately the big finish for this session at St. Charles Studio in Nashville.

Forty years after Frampton Comes Alive echoed from arenas to coliseums to stadiums and radios across America, a more intimate RAW tour is underway to promote his first-ever acoustic album of this same material and then some.

Song analysis for Don Felder’s Hotel California by The Eagles

RewindHarmonically deconstructed

The Eagles’ “Hotel California” Song Analysis

and a straight up lesson from the Don himself…  Play

UPDATE: A lengthy sit-down with Don to discuss his music, his playing style, his gear and his book, “Heaven and Hell: My Life as an Eagle.”