In search of audio recording & editing software

Amadeus Pro 2.1.6 – Multitrack sound recorder/editor with MP3 support (free download)Record

screen800x500This is one I’ve heard of before yet haven’t used. If you have, please share your opinions/advice—thanks!


Beyond Audio: Video Workflow, Editing Software Suggested

note to selfWhen working on video projects, be mindful of the following:

  • RAID 5 protection required (see also Never Use a RAID as Your Backup System; yet here’s a counter-argument for RAID 1+0).

  • 3-2-1 Rule: redundancy with protection (large RAID, medium RAID, and single backups)

    …three copies at all times, to protect against disk/media failures: hard drives and DVDs fail differently

    …two of those on-site in two different formats, and one off-site

    …one (and only one) of those two on-site copies is a work copy

  • Clouds are exclusively for archiving.

  • Blu-Ray for local redundancy archiving. Stop

Edit software recommendations for workflow:

  • Adobe Premiere for handling any/mixed video formats (no transcoding worries) as well as graphics integration, at a low monthly cost.

  • Final Cut X for inexpensive entry cost for a perpetual license ($300 versus Avid‘s $1,300; Avid also has a low monthly option) and relative ease of use (optimized with MBP laptop and Mavericks OS).

  • Anything else would be a matter of personal work style/comfort (my own being Sony Vegas ($600), a combination video and audio NLE workspace that handles each very comfortably; coming from teaching ProTools, it is also the easiest software I’ve ever used–thanks Hans tB).

Adobe is NVIDIA-centric, versus Apple which has moved to AMD.

Boxx Technologies is one optimized platform for Adobe (over Apple’s). This does not constitute an exclusive endorsement.