Quizzical: Steve Albini Says the Internet Has Saved Music

RecordNote worthy…

Steve Albini at Face The Music, Melbourne. Photo credit: Jayden Ostwald

Steve Albini: the internet has solved the problem with music by Monica Tan, The Guardian

Tan notes that Albini possesses rare optimism on the state of the industry; that “the internet has offered a way of creating a sustainable career.” That much I can respect, as artists are taking their careers into their own hands now more than ever before. Tan also notes…

“…(on) copyright: …we should let go of all attempts to exert control over the distribution of works once they are released. He uses that word “release” in a literal sense – like “a bird or a fart.”

I suppose that depends on your standing in the business; many will take issue with it. See The Guardian link for related comments and join the dialogue.

Note as well this article discovered at BoingBoing, where artist/writer Molly Crabapple lays out “rules for creative success in the Internet age.” Specifically, her final words:

“The Internet will not save creators.

Social media will not save us. Companies will not save us. Crowd-funding will not save us. Grants will not save us. Patrons will not save us.

Nothing will save us but ourselves and each other.

Now make some beautiful things.”


no sale for digital music

EjectDo not pass Go and head directly to jail:
Reselling Digital Goods is Copyright Infringement, Judge Rules

The appeals process has yet to begin but the fate of at least one company — ReDigi — may already be sealed: if an injunction is enforced its customers may simply have no choice but to go away.