A better way to award Grammys and Oscars?

PauseNo nominations. No singular “winner.” Just recognition of excellence.

How many times have we heard a musician or actor accept an award with humility for having beat out other equally (if not more) deserving colleagues in these horse races? How absurd it is to single out one artist over other nominees. 

Nominating musicians and actors for categories invariably leaves out many artists deserving of genuine recognition. Eliminate the restrictive nomination process that exists and allow *all* performers that fall within the categorical parameters to be eligible for artistic recognition. Allow everyone within each academy to vote free of nomination constraints—across the board whether it’s Best New Artist or Best Instrumental Arrangement—and the top handful of votes receive recognition for excellence in that endeavor. Pick the top three or five and don’t reveal how many votes any of them received (PriceWaterhouse can see to that) so that we can better celebrate achievement without petty rankings. This can also positively address the pressure-filled sentiment of casting guilt votes (to honor previously overlooked catalog works of legacy artists to the exclusion of the relative newcomers). Isn’t it that simple?

We all work hard, to do our best, and to create works of lasting importance and insight. No *one* is “best.” Yet many are deserving of acknowledgement for having affected us profoundly with their art.

Please tweet if you agree: #awardsremix




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