Recording: Making it easy to capture music creativity when it happens


Feeling and freedom are the most important parts of creating a new song or musical idea and you kind of have to be able to get out of your own way to let it happen. Record

Don’t think perfection; in fact don’t really think at all. To be in the moment with your music, prepare your set up in advance so it’s at the ready.

This article, “The Importance of Scratch Tracks”, has some good pointers, particularly:

“Psychologically, scratch tracks are a temporary place marker. There is no pressure. With that relaxation comes cool moments.”

“Early takes are often best….The first couple of takes will have more energy. Maybe a few imperfections, but they’re inspired. By the end you will probably notice less [sic] mistakes, but a change in tone and performance. Almost a little dull and over performed. The best performances tend to be from the beginning to middle.”

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