Is Data Now King? Tech and the Continual Music Stream

Notes to self from the conference presented by NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, November 7th, 2014.


Stream-Tech Music Conference

Postscript: random, lingering notes

  • Quite a while ago, I wrote this note to myself: context—not content—is now king. And here we were being reminded that it is Data—not the context—that deserves the crown.


  • For the music user, there is a paradigmatic shift from collecting music to user experience and portability. It is the old versus the new.

  • Thinking about how that shift plays out as it relates to creating a podcast about music…accessing data and info about music is already at everyone’s fingertips so why would anyone listen to a conventional (radio type of) “show” to get what a sidebar and simultaneous tap or search will deliver instantaneously at the user’s convenience and non-linearly? Good framing question.

  • And a reminder of my old mantra for what it’s worth:

“Respect and promote the art of the segue” (especially outside the club and away from the dance floor).


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