Quizzical: Steve Albini Says the Internet Has Saved Music

RecordNote worthy…

Steve Albini at Face The Music, Melbourne. Photo credit: Jayden Ostwald

Steve Albini: the internet has solved the problem with music by Monica Tan, The Guardian

Tan notes that Albini possesses rare optimism on the state of the industry; that “the internet has offered a way of creating a sustainable career.” That much I can respect, as artists are taking their careers into their own hands now more than ever before. Tan also notes…

“…(on) copyright: …we should let go of all attempts to exert control over the distribution of works once they are released. He uses that word “release” in a literal sense – like “a bird or a fart.”

I suppose that depends on your standing in the business; many will take issue with it. See The Guardian link for related comments and join the dialogue.

Note as well this article discovered at BoingBoing, where artist/writer Molly Crabapple lays out “rules for creative success in the Internet age.” Specifically, her final words:

“The Internet will not save creators.

Social media will not save us. Companies will not save us. Crowd-funding will not save us. Grants will not save us. Patrons will not save us.

Nothing will save us but ourselves and each other.

Now make some beautiful things.”


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