IND Music Network to the Rescue: Tech and the Continual Music Stream, Part 5

Notes to self from the conference presented by NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, November 7th, 2014.



Stream-Tech Music Conference

Session: “The video streaming companies – and the marketplace for musicians”

Presenter: Brandon Martinez (Co-Founder & CEO, INDMusic)

Brandon Martinez is a humble and laudable figure in guiding artists through the rough and tumble world of marketing oneself in the wide world of music. Here are just a few things he said that I noted for myself.

  • Make sure your video marketing content on YouTube is compliant for its Content ID.

  • Link with your Google+ account to optimize positioning for YouTube, as a self-verifying process.

  • The first three lines of your video description are crucial to establishing effective SEO. The first ten keywords are for tagging related to the work itself; the second ten are bout you as the artist. Prioritize these.

  • Vimeo does not have the same capabilities to claim, track and monetize video content.

  • YouTube has partnered with SoundCloud to share content ID technology in order to track music metadata across platforms.

  • Read the YouTube Music Playbook Guide.

Thanks to Brandon and IND Music Network for being a friend to musicians. 🙂

Note that I have done my best to accurately represent my experiences, interpretations and impressions. These are my words and transcribed notes and are not the verbatim ideas of the presenters unless quoted directly within the text. Therefore, the conference’s participants should not be held accountable for any misstatements of fact or intention that may occur on these pages.



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