Big Data: Tech and the Continual Music Stream, Part 2

Notes to self from the conference presented by NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, November 7th, 2014.



Stream-Tech Music Conference

Session: “A closer look at global streaming partners from a major label perspective, and the changes streaming services instill in music consumption along with inherent opportunities, challenges and potential for innovation in marketing and content distribution.”

Presenter: Achim Matthes (Director, Digital Partner Development & Sales, Sony Music US)

The Big Three of streaming, although in truth the essence of these applies to any content production.

  1. Content and storytelling is embodied in blending music with the information surrounding it. See: Spotify, Vevo, Google-Plus. Look at their affiliated videos of musician interviews and documentaries—the cultural context.

  2. Playlisting is the new radio, just far more targeted according to topicality than traditional radio could ever be: it’s music for the moment; moods; setting a tone; and guidance—for discovery.

  3. Big data is the big game changer that has distinguished older media from where we have come to now.

    • Follow trending topics in socia media;

    • What we do with data can yield benefits and understanding or, if enslaved to it without proper context, bullshit.

Note that I have done my best to accurately represent my experiences, interpretations and impressions. These are my words and transcribed notes and are not the verbatim ideas of the presenters unless quoted directly within the text. Therefore, the conference’s participants should not be held accountable for any misstatements of fact or intention that may occur on these pages.



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